Safety precautions for lawn mowing ?


Before each use of the mower to cultivate the habit of safety inspection, thus reducing mower fault, prolong the service life of the lawn mower, improve work efficiency, the most important is to avoid improper operation cause harm to an operator, ensure the operator safety; to confirm all bolts, nuts and accessories are not worn or damaged, to have damaged the toothed burclover or blade shall complete replacement. Check the working area of the lawn, to clear the lawn on the stones, wood, plastic and other debris, keep the lawn clean. Working areas are not operating personnel, shall not work, so as to avoid damage to the operator. The grass must wear non slip shoes, or on the embankment slope work must be along the slope direction of mowing. Be careful when pulling the lawn. The safety distance between the blade and the operator is separated by the guide rod, and the safety distance must be kept. Only when visibility is good and clear vision can be carried out. Check the air filter cover to check the blade