After sales service is to ensure the safe,
reliable and efficient operation of the equipment,
equipment installation is completed to the user,
so that the use of the use of the use of simple,
and a simple fault diagnosis and exclusion.
In order to make this project more able to show a sense of rapid quality,
our company provides the following services:
1 consulting services
Users in the use of the process,
there is a failure or abnormal phenomenon,
at any time by phone or fax to ask questions,
our company through the phone or sent to the scene to provide technical personnel services.
2 maintenance services:
Our company set up a special maintenance service,
to provide customers with professional technical services,
users can get the mail service support by 8008680800.
In addition to the maintenance of the fault, the company provides a regular maintenance,
registration of the use of equipment to ensure the normal operation of the system.
The company provides 2 years of free warranty service.
We provide long-term maintenance in the maintenance period.
2-years warranty is a reliable period offering you a rock-solid warranty covering both parts and labour.