Enki’s in-built three kinds of sensors.
Tilt sensor
If the mower is tilted approximately 30 degrees on the ground during blades operation, the blades will stop rotating immediately.
Lifting Sensor
If the mower is picked up or lifted during operation, the mower will stop working immediately.
Impact Sensor
When the impact sensor is activated, the mower will stop movement in that direction and reverse itself away from the obstacle.
Enki is unique in its ability to use five working modes.You can choose the best mode to keep the lawn in top condition.
Auto Mode
The mower will move randomly in the area bounded by the perimeter wire.
Perimeter Mode
The mower will move along the perimeter wire and stop on the Charging Station.
Spiral Mode
The mower will move forward as a spiral.
Charging Mode
The mower will go back to the Charging Station along the perimeter wire without blades rotating.
Testing Mode
The testing mode can be used to test the condition of the mower.
Enki’s large Li-ion battery capacity lasts long working time and covers large areas.
Enki is smart enough to begin to work as the appointed time.
Enki’s modularization design makes it easy to maintain and repair.
Enki’ is a noise pollution-free robot lawn mower.